Real Name
Gary Hampton
First Appearance
The Astounding Wolf-Man #1 (July, 2007)
Robert Kirkman, Jason Howard
Team Affliation
Elder Brood
Base of Operations
Werewolf abilities
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons
Special Suit

Wolf-Man is a lycanthrope superhero in the Image Universe and star of the comic series The Astounding Wolf-Man.


When millionaire Gary Hampton was bitten by a werewolf on a family vacation, he discovered he was a werewolf sometime later.  Deciding to use his powers for good, he became the superhero Wolf-Man.


Gary Hampton's youth and upbringing is largely unknown.  At age 19, Gary became the owner of a small record store and he would be on two sign a record contract for a musical duo that had been rejected by the other major labels.  He eventually married his wife Rebecca, had a daughter named Chloe and became a very successful CEO.  During a camping trip with his family, Gary was attacked by a werewolf.  Gary spent a month in a coma due to it, but when he woke up, it was discovered that his wounds had miraculously healed.  On the night he woke up, he also turned into a werewolf, rampaging across the city, seemingly killing an innocent.  However, Gary was, at first, oblivious to this fact, focused instead on keeping his business going in the wake of his near-death experience, which took a toll on his business.

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