Utility belt

Batman's Utility Belt

A utility belt is a belt designed to have multiple practical uses and in superhero fiction often contain both crime fighting tools and weapons.

History in Superhero FictionEdit

Though there may have been superhero utlity belts prior, the most famous and iconic is Batman's utility belt.  It represented Batman's preparedness with a number of crime fighting and solving tools and weapons for a number of different situations.  During the Silver Age of comics, a more attention was given to the utility belt and it was often treated as being so essential to Batman that villains tried to steal it, disable it or even copy it.  Though attention paid to Batman's utility belt has lessened since the Silver Age, it is still considered an iconic part of his character.  Robin, too, is eventually also shown having a utility belt, in his various incarnations.  

In the 1966 TV series Batman, the show featured Batman's utility belt as also being a source of humour, often featuring gadgets that are useful yet so specific to the heroes' particular predicament that it is played for laughs.  Over time, the importance of Batman's utility belt were downplayed, though it remained an iconic and useful tool in Batman's arsenal.

Spider-Man is also shown having a utility belt, of sorts, which he uses to keep the capsules of web fluid for when he runs out, and well as holding a spot light he sometimes uses for dramatic effect.  Unlike Batman's belt, it is rarely plainly visible as Spider-Man keeps it hidden underneath his costume.

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