Notable Characters
Prime, Ultra Force, Sludge
Malibu Comics
First Appearance
Rune #0 (January, 1994)
Earth-93060, The Megaverse

The Ultraverse is a shared comic book continuity that was created by Malibu comics in the early to mid-nineties and was briefly published by Marvel Comics in the mid-nineties after they bought the rights.


The world of the Ultraverse was seemingly devoid of superheroes and powered people until the day a mysterious being known as Entity on the moon created the "Jumpstart effect" by sending out waves of energy.  The energy gave certain people superpowers, with these special individuals being known as Ultras.  Many of them became superheroes or villains, with noteworthy figures including Prime, The Ghoul and the Freex, to name a few.  Scientists would later learn ways to reproduce genetic make up of some of these figures to create their own Ultras.  Some of these Ultras would go to form their own superteam known as the Ultraforce.

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