Ultimate Marvel Universe

Ultimate Marvel Universe

Marvel Comics
Notable Characters
Ultimate Spider-Man, The Ultimates, The Ultimate Fantastic Four, The Ultimate X-Men
First Appearance
Ultimate Spider-Man (vol. 1) #1 (October 2000)

The Ultimate Marvel Universe is a variation of the Marvel Universe and largely features more recent versions of traditional Marvel characters. It was recently announced that this continuity would be ended in the wake of the events of the upcoming Secret Wars crossover.


Super-Human activity on Earth of the Ultimate Marvel Universe existed in certain areas (the Inhuman community, for example) but it didn't have a direct impact on the general populace until the Second World War. In that time, the war was using a "super-soldier" as talented soldier in costume designed to rally troops. However, when he died in combat in a very public tragedy, President Roosevelt demanded an "actual" super-soldier who is greater than regular soldiers.

A year later, scientists had developed a method that would promised to turn soldiers into superhumans in order to win the war. During the battle of Sicily, three Allied soldiers are caught attempting to loot a house: James Howlett, Fisk (first name unknown) and Nicholas Fury. Soon, the military police arrest them and they are taken away to a secret unknown location. There, Fury is selected to become a part of Project Rebirth, due to the fact that his blood tests were a close match for a successful test subject named Subject 22 and is injected with a serum that gives Fury super strength. Fury uses it to free himself and the other experimented on prisoners, an action allowed by the overseers as the main goal, to see if a superhuman could be created, was accomplished.

Once it was confirmed that superhumans could be created Dr. Erskine continued Operation: Rebirth and used a young, sickly man named Steve Rogers as a test subject, turning him into a powerful superhuman. Unfortunately, Erskine was murdered by an assassin shortly after Steve became superhuman, and the details on how to recreate the experiment were lost.