Superman in Other Media
Superman is a character who originated in comic books but made appearances in various other media (usually out of the continuity of the DC Universe, where the character originated).

Books and ProseEdit

- The novel The Adventures of Superman by George Lowther detailed Clark Kents origins, as well has presenting an adventure where Superman battles Nazis and investigates a ghost ship.

- Last Son of Krypton is a novel by Elliot S! Maggin detailing the early days of Superman's life in Smallville, his beginnings as Superman and how he and Lex Luthor team up to find a document by Albert Einstein that will help them defeat an evil alien ruler.

- Miracle Monday is a Superman novel written by Elliot S! Maggin and is about Superman matching wits with a demon while a woman from the future investigates a holiday called Miracle Monday with mysterious origins connected to Superman.

- Superman: Doomsday and Beyond is a novel based on the Death of Superman story arc from the comics.

- Superman appears in the novels Enemies & Allies (released in 2005) alongside Batman in a story set during the 1950's that details their first meeting.

- It's Superman (released in 2005) is a novel set in the 1930's, telling a story about the early career of Superman.

- Superman Returns (released in 2006) is the novelization of the film of the same name.



Superman, alias reporter Clark Kent, was the last survivor of the planet Krypton. He was raised by Eben Kent, and decided to battle evil with his superhuman powers. His enemies included the Spider Lady and Atom Man (an alias of Lex Luthor).

Animated Film SerialEdit

Superman. alias reporter Clark Kent, was the last survivor of the planet Krypton. He was found by an unknown individual after landing on Earth and taken to an orphanage, where he grew up and decided to use his powers to fight evil. He mainly dealt with ordinary criminals such as gangsters, hijackers and foreign spies, although he occasionally fought with such fantastic adversaries as the Mad Scientist, the Bulleteers, and the Mechanical Monsters.

Comments Edit

It's unclear whether or not he knows he's from another planet, or if Kal-El is his birthname. Superman #19 poses the possibility that the events of the Fleischer cartoons actually exist on Earth-2 as fictionalized accounts of Superman's adventures, which might explain some of the differences.


Superman, alias reporter Clark Kent, was the last survivor of the planet Krypton. Most of his foes were mundane criminals and spies.

Video GamesEdit

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