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The superhero wiki is aimed at creating a comprehensive database for superheroes and elements related to superhero fiction (such as super-villains, supporting characters, locations, artifacts, and continuites, among other things).

General Superhero News for January 31st, 2015Edit

- Classic DC villain Eclipso to appear in upcoming episode of Constantine .

- Super Friends to appear in 15 short animated films.  Read about it here .

- Rachel Taylor announced as Hellcat and David Tennant announced as the Purple Man for upcoming A.K.A. Jessica Jones TV series.

- Dance video used to promote the magical girl film Eiga Precure All Stars features every Precure protagonist from every series.  See it here .

General Superhero News for January 28th, 2015Edit

Fantastic Four Official Teaser Trailer (2015) HD02:18

Fantastic Four Official Teaser Trailer (2015) HD

- The first teaser trailer for the upcoming Fantastic Four film has been released online and can be seen on your right.

- Marvel Universe and Ultimate Marvel Universe's ends announced in the wake of the upcoming Secret Wars crossover.

- Actor Tyrese Gibson is current campaigning for the role of Green Lantern in the DC Cinematic Universe. even posting concept art on his instragram.  Read more about it here.

- Viz Media has announced that it has added the superhero manga My Hero Academia to it's digital publishing line up.  The story features a young boy joining a school for superheroes in a world where superpowers are commonplace. Read more about it here .

- Fox is currently in negotiations to make an X-Men tv series.  For more, read here.

General Superhero News for January 13th 2015Edit


-Avengers Age of Ultron coming soon and Spider Man might be in Avengers Age of Ultron or/and Captain America 3 if Sony gives permission.

-Ant Man movie coming out in July 2015 and will be played by Paul Rudd

-Suicide Squad coming out featuring: Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Joker, Captain Boomerang and more

-Supergirl might be in Arrow and in the Flash

-Arrow season 4 coming out soon somewhere around January 21, 2016 same for Season 2 of the Flash.

-Batman vs Superman coming out in March 25, 2016.



General Superhero News for November 9th, 2014Edit



-Trailer of Avenger: Age of Ultron has been release, link here

- A parody trailer recontextualizing Captain America: Winter Soldier as an 80's action movie has gone viral.  Video at left. - Marvel hints at "All New Marvel" following upcoming Secret Wars event.

- Jared Leto rumored to play the Joker in upcoming Suicide Squad film.  More info here .

- Costa Ronin to play Anton Vanko (father of villain Whiplash) in upcoming Agent Carter TV series. - Sailor Moon Crystal's second season to feature Chibiusa, the Black Moon story arc.  More here .

The flash posterro 4319

General Superhero News for October 11th, 2014Edit

-The Flash pilot episode has been released on 10/7/14 on The CW channel on Tuesday 8/7c link for schedule here

- Arrow Season 3 Premieres Wednesday 8/7c LInk to the schedule here

General Superhero News for August 18th, 2014 Edit

- The origin of Venom and the symbiotes to be revealed in an upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy story, beginning in issue #21.  Read more about it here.

- Shartlo Copley has been announced as Chistian Walker, the protagonist of the upcoming Powers TV series, based on the superhero/police procedural comic of the same name.  Read more about it here

- New actors have been announced for the upcoming Ant-Man movie, including John Slattery (Presumably reprising his role as Howard Stark), Judy Greer (known for her roles as Kitty Sanchez in Arrested Development and Cheryl in Archer), Tip Harris (also known as the rapper T.I.) and Greg Turkington (known as the comedian character Neil Hamburger).  Read more about it here

- Manga legend Go Nagai beginning a new superhero manga series with Giga Grendizer in September.  It will be a spin-off to the Mazinkaizer and Grendizer series and will feature characters from those series.  Read more about it here.

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