Stinky Diver

Stinky Diver

Real Name
First Appearance
All That, Action League Now! "I've Been Working on Derailroad"
Robert Mittenthal, Will McRobb, Albie Hecht
Team Affliation
Action League Now
Base of Operations
nameless city
Skills and Abilities
Swimming/Diving Experise
Tools and Weapons
Scuba Gear

Stinky Diver is a super-hero and a member of Action League Now from the TV series Kaboom!  Like all of the characters in the Action League Now shorts, Stinky Diver is portrayed by a custom action figure, in his case, he is redesigned from a 1994 Shipwreck figure from the G.I. Joe toy line.

Stinky Diver is voiced by Jim Krenn.


Not much is known of Stinky Diver's past and due to his inconsistent accent it is also unclear if he is Australian or British.

What is known is that he is an Action League Now member who helps the team fight evil, using his diving expertise to save the day.  When he isn't fighting evil, he lives alone in a toilet, though it is unclear if he stinks because he lives there or he lives there because he stinks.  He also has a port-a-potty as a beach house.


Though Stinky Diver works toward fighting evil and doing good, he is often known to be the team's most cantankerous and disagreeable member.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Stinky Diver is a trained specialist in diving and underwater missions.


Spear Gun - Stinky Diver uses a spear gun that is capable of firing a spear a short distance.

Scuba Gear - Stinky Diver is always wearing scuba gear at all times, even on the land.

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