Stanley Dover

Stanley Dover

Real Name
Stanley Dover
First Appearance
Fox and the Crow #95 (January, 1966)
Arnold Drake, Win Mortimer
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Star City
Skills and Abilities
Tools and Weapons

Stanley Dover is a character in the DC Universe and appeared in the humour comic Stanley and His Monster.


When he was six, Stanley Dover discovered a monster in the sewer that he learned was as scared of our world as our world was of him. Soon, the two became close friends, having many humourous adventures.


Stanley was born to and raised by Mitch and Sheila Dover in Star City. One day, while chasing a ball that fell into the sewer, he discovered a strange, large monster living in the dark. He discovered that the monster was actually more scared him (and everything else) than he and ended up befriending him. Stanley brought the monster home and kept it in his closet, naming it Spot.

Stanley and Spot became best friends and had many adventures together. Things changed when Stanley's grandfather (also named Stanley) re-entered the picture. Unbeknowest to him and his family, Stanley Sr. had taken part in many Satanic activities and was interested in capturing a demon. When the elder Stanley learned that younger Stanley was keeping a "monster" in his closet in secret, he decided to steal it away. Realizing what the elder Stanley was up to, Spot decided it was time for him to leave before the old man could enact his evil plan. The man, who was obsessed with trapping a demon of his own to control, went to extreme measures, such as trying to sacrifice the younger Stanley) to try to capture a monster, only to be defeated by the superhero Green Arrow.  The monster returned to the younger Stanley, and exacted revenge on the elder Stanley.  The abuse afflicted on the younger Stanley was erased from his mind and the two lived together happily once again.