The Sportsmaster is the name for several supervillains in the DC Universe who use sports paraphernalia in their crime.

Lawrence CrockEdit

The Sportsmaster


Real Name
Lawrence Crock
First Appearance
All-American Comics #85 (May, 1947) [as Crusher Crock], Green Lantern (Vol. 1) #28 (October-November, 1947) [As the Sportsmaster]
John Broome, Irwin Hasen
Crusher Crock
Team Affliations
Injustice Society
Base of Operations
No information
Skills and Abilities
Superb Physical Condition
Various sports related weapons and tools.

Lawrence Crock is the first criminal to take of the identity of the Sportsmaster.


Lawrence Crock was once a skilled professional athlete, skilled in many sports, who was kicked out of professional sports after intentionally injuring an opponent.  Aching for revenge, he became a master criminal who used specially designed sports equipment to commit crimes.


Very little is known of Lawrence Crock's youth or background.  For most of his life Lawrence was an incredibly skilled athlete with a strong drive to win but despite his strong skills, he was still willing to play dirty to get ahead.  When he seriously injured another player in a football match, he was banned from all professional sports.

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