First Appearance
Amazing Spider-Man # 130 (March, 1974)
Gerry Conway, Ross Andru
Corona Motors (formerly Spider-Man)
With designs made by Spider-Man (Peter Parker), the Human Torch (Johnny Strom) built the vehicle from hand with assistance from Corona Motors

The Spider-Mobile was Spider-Man's short-lived vehicle in the Marvel Universe.


Car company Corona Motors created a new non-polluting car engine and looking to promote it, they hired the advertising firm Carter & Lombardo.  To promote it, Carter & Lombardo tried to convince Spider-Man to take one as a "Spider-Mobile", but Spider-Man initially turned it down, thinking that the idea was dumb considering that he travels across the city with his webs.  However, realizing that he desperately needed the money that the promotion would provide and used his scientific know-how to help fix it with the help of superhero Johnny Storm.

After a quick crash-course in driving the new vehicle, Spider-Man used it to capture some of the thugs of the villain Hammerhead.

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