The Sludge


Real Name
Frank Hoag
First Appearance
Sludge #1 (October, 1993)
Steve Gerber, Gary Martin, Aaron Lopresti
Team Affiliations
Base of Operations
New York City
Superhuman strength and durability, healing factor, Ability to cause spontaneous tissue growth in others by touch
Skills and Abilities
Police Training

Sludge (Frank Hoag) was a superhero from the UltraVerse who was transformed from the regular human into a slimy monster.


Frank Hoag was a corrupt cop who, after refusing to kill a fellow officer, was seemingly murdered with a bomb.  However, his body was doused in chemicals and wound up in a dump, where he mutated into an avenging monster known as Sludge.


Frank Hoag was an extremely corrupt police officer for the NYPD who would happily look the other way or do whatever his mob bosses wanted.  However, the day he was asked to murder another corrupt police officer, he refused.  In response, the mob boss Hoag answered to, John Paul Marcello, sent a hitman, Vittorio Sabatini, to kill Frank.  Vittorio killed Frank with a bomb (after shooting him several times), but Frank was doused in some strange chemicals at the time of the explosion.  Frank's body was disposed of at a dump site, only to soak up the surrounding sewage (as a result of the chemicals) and he is soon resurrected as a monster made of sludge.