Skylar Storm

Skylar Storm

Real Name
Skylar Storm
First Appearance
Mighty Med, "Saving the People Who Save People"
Jim Bernstein, Andy Schwartz
Team Affliation
Mighty Med Staff
Conneticut "Connie" Valentine, Sky
Base of Operations
unnamed city
X-Ray Vision, Explosion Induction, Heat Vision, Time Rewind, Gyrokinesis, Caelestikinesis, Flight, Super Strength, Intangibility, Camoflauge, Invisibility, Space Survivability (All powers were removed by the Annihilator)
Skills and Abilities
Peak Physical Condition, Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons

Skylar Storm (Connie Valentine) is a former superheroine and one of the central characters on the Disney sit-com Mighty Med.

Skylar Storm is played by Paris Berelc.


An alien superhero, Skylar Storm lost her powers to the super-villain The Annihiliator, forcing her to face a new life as a regular human or "Normo".



The early childhood and origins of how Skylar Storm became a superhero remain unknown.  What is known is she originated from the planet Caldera and had a successful and fullfilling superhero career on Earth.  However, during a fight with the supervillain The Annihilator, Skylar had her powers taken away, at which point she is taken to Mighty Med, the hospital for superheroes.

Post-Hero LifeEdit

At Mighty Med, Skylar learned that she had lost her powers and met two young teens: Oliver and Kaz.  The two boys ended up becoming workers at Mighty Med and she befriended them after the three teamed up to stop a villain named Megahertz from killing a patient.  Soon she started to attend the same school as Oliver and Kaz in her new identity as "Connie Valentine".

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