Bat Skills

Batman is renown for his fighting, detective and strategic skills, to name a few.

Though a large number of super-heroes have super-powers, many others instead use a number of skills and expertise trained to a level that sets them apart from the average human.


There are different ways where a character might derive their skills and abilities that lead them to become heroes.


In most cases, heroes with incredible skills or abilities must train themselves intensely and hone their skills over long periods of time.

Innate AbilitiesEdit

In some cases, a hero might be born with a unique skill that is born out of instinct.

Outside SourcesEdit

There are occassional characters who are blessed or given skills and abilities by others, often through supernatural forces.

Notable Skills and AbilitiesEdit


The following skills and abilities are related to fighting and combat.

Marksmanship and General Projectile SkillsEdit

Some heroes skill is with a long range weapon, such as a gun, throwing weapons or a bow and arrow.

Martial Arts and General Hand-to-Hand Combat SkillsEdit

Many super-heroes have martial arts training, particularly those without super-powers.

Swordsmanship and General Weaponry SkillsEdit

Some heroes use swords and non-projectile weapons to fight their enemies.


The following are skills that relate to the abilities on one's body.


Agility is the ability to use one's reflexes, strength, endurance, coordination, balance, and speed to move one's body with maximum efficiency.


Endurance is the ability of the body to withstand stress and damage.


Strength is the quality to be physically strong.

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