The Shadow


Lamont Cranston [in radio and most media], Kent Allard [in print]
No information
First Appearance
The Detective Story Hour (July 31, 1930) [radio], "The Living Shadow" (April 1, 1931)[1] [print]
Walter B. Gibson
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Able to make himself nearly invisible to the naked eye [radio and film only], Can alter and control a person's thoughts and perceptions [Radio and film only]
Skills and abilities
Genius-level intellect, Peak mental and physical conditioning, Master detective, Skilled marksman and martial artist, Master of disguise, Master of stealth
Tools and Weapons
Twin pistols

The Shadow is a pulp hero from the books of the same name which inspired radio shows and movies.


Kent Allard was a fighter in World War I who decided to fight crime after faking his death in South America and after learning some hypnotic tricks in Asia returns to America as millionaire Lamont Cranston as well as the vigilante The Shadow.


Print IncarnationEdit

The early childhood of Kent Allard has remained a mystery.  What is known is that he was a famed aviator who fought on the side of the French during World War I.  His skill and accomplishments have even earned him the alias The Dark Eagle (also The Black Eagle).  After the war, he decided to use his skills to fight crime for reasons known perhaps only to him.  First, he faked his in the jungles of South America before returning to New York City.  While there, Kent adopts a number of different identities to help him gather information.

The most notable of these identities is Lamont Cranston, an actual wealthy man about town that Kent borrows the identity of to use his wealth, connections and influence in his war on crime.  Allard chose Cranston based on the fact that the two men look nearly identitical.  When Cranston first met the Shadow, the Shadow threatened to take over Lamont Cranston's life permanently if Cranston did not give him the identity while Lamont is travelling.  Rather than being angered, the real Lamont was actually amused by the scenario and gained respect for the Shadow.  The two men came to an agreement that the Shadow would take on Cranston's identity in New York City while the real Cranston traveled the world.  The two men would go on to impersonate each other to protect the identity of the Shadow and confuse and outwit their enemies.

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