Sgt. Rock

Sgt Rock

Real Name
Franklin John Rock
First Appearance
Our Army at War #83 (June, 1959)
Robert Kanigher, Joe Kubert
Team Affiliations
United States Army, Easy Company, Suicide Squad
Base of Operations
The European Theatre (during WWII)
Skills and Abilities
Trained marksman and U.S. Military combatant
Tools and Weapons
General Weapons and Supplies for a WWII US Soldier

Sgt. Rock is a war hero in the DC Universe and the leader of Easy Company.  Though not a superhero, he is a prominent character and an ally to many other superheroes, fighting along contemporary heroes and time travelers.


Frank Rock was a steel mill worker from Pittsburgh until the Pearl Harbor attacks, at which point he enlisted and soon moved up the ranks to become sergeant.


Youth and War ServiceEdit

The son of John Michael Rock, Frank Rock was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was raised along with his four brother and two sisters.

Connections to SuperheroesEdit

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