Roman Carson


Real Name
Roman Carson
First Appearance
Wide Awake Library (May 1886) Frank Tousey pub.
Paul Braddon
Team Affiliations
Texas Rangers
Base of Operations
Texas Plains
Skills and Abilities
marksmanship, hunting, tracking
rifle, pistol, horse

Origin Edit

Jack Shelby was Texas Ranger in the 1880s given the moniker, Jack O' the Plains, for his great familiarity with the wilds of Texas. As he and other Texas Rangers are traveling the plains, the talk about the sightings of a chalk-white horse carrying a headless Mazeppa on his back. A young man named Roman Carson shows up searching for his long-lost brother, one Hubert Carson, who had left home when Roman was too young to have a substantial recollection of his older brother. Roman had been seen by his aged parents to discover the fate of Hubert.

Jack knew Hubert, and knew also that the Mazeppa was the headless body on the back of the white horse.He informed Roman of this, and Roman decided he must hunt down the mysterious horse and its headless rider. Jack agrees to go with Roman to discover the facts of the case.

As they travel, they come across the horse of Hubert Carson. Jack O' the Plains tells Roman the horse's name, which is Redbird. As they are faced with an attack of Comanche warriors, Jack forcibly suggests Roman take Redbird, as the horse will lay down to lower its profile and visibility.

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