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This is a disambiguation page for all superheroes and superhero related characters named Robin, almost all of whom are sidekicks to the superhero Batman in the DC Universe.  Robin also appears in a number of other media as well.

DC UniverseEdit

The Robins of the regular DC Continuity include:

- Dick Grayson is the original Robin in the DC Universe and is currently known as Nightwing.

- Jason Todd was the second Robin and later became the villain/antihero Red Hood.

- Tim Drake was the third Robin and currently fights with the Teen Titans under the name Red Robin.

- Stephanie Brown was the fourth Robin for a brief period, but is more famous under the name Spoiler.

- Damian Wayne is the fifth and most recent Robin and is a clone of both Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul.

- Duke Thomas is introduced in "Zero Year" storyarc in the Batman comic book series and takes on the mantle of Robin in a story in the Future's End crossover that takes place five years in the future.

- In the 823rd century, there is a robot Robin named Robin the Toy Wonder.

- The Robins are a superhero team of teens who all call themselves Robin.

Outside of ContinuityEdit

Outside of regular comic book continuity. there is:

- Carrie Kelly is the Robin in comic book series in The Dark Knight Returns and was both the first female Robin and the most famous Robin outside of regular continuity.

- On the alternate universe of Earth-2, Dick Grayson remained Robin well into adulthood.

- John Blake, a character in the film the Dark Knight Rises reveals that his birth name is actually Robin.

- An assassin version of Robin appears in the Just Imagine series of comics that feature DC superheroes as reimagined by Stan Lee.

- In the comic book Batman: Digital Justice, a young man named Robert Chang takes on the identity of Robin

- In the Elseworld comic Thrillkiller, a young man named Richart Graustark (living under the pseudonym Dick Grayson) becomes Robin with an anti-establishment bent.

- In one alternate universe, water levels have risen and a hero named Robin Redwing fights evil alongside the Batman analogue Captain Leatherwing.

ABC ComicsEdit

- In the comic book series Top 10, Robyn Slynger is a heroine cop known as Toybox.

Marvel ComicsEdit

- Robin Braxton was the name of a superheroine who called herself Gladiatrix.