This is a disambiguation page for all superheroes and superhero related characters named Robin, almost all of whom are sidekicks to the superhero Batman in the DC Universe.

DC UniverseEdit

The Robins of the regular DC Continuity include:

- Dick Grayson is the original Robin in the DC Universe and is currently known as Nightwing.

- Jason Todd was the second Robin and later became the villain/antihero Red Hood.

- Tim Drake was the third Robin and currently fights with the Teen Titans under the name Red Robin.

- Stephanie Brown was the fourth Robin for a brief period, but is more famous under the name Spoiler.

- Damian Wayne is the fifth and most recent Robin and is a clone of both Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul.

- Duke Thomas is introduced in "Zero Year" storyarc in the Batman comic book series and takes on the mantle of Robin in a story in the Future's End crossover that takes place five years in the future.

- In the 823rd century, there is a robot Robin named Robin the Toy Wonder.

- The Robins are a superhero team of teens who all call themselves Robin.

Outside of ContinuityEdit

Outside of regular comic book continuity. there is:

- Carrie Kelly is the Robin in comic book series in The Dark Knight Returns and was both the first female Robin and the most famous Robin outside of regular continuity.

- On the alternate universe of Earth-2, Dick Grayson remained Robin well into adulthood.

- John Blake, a character in the film the Dark Knight Rises reveals that his birth name is actually Robin.

- An assassin version of Robin appears in the Just Imagine series of comics that feature DC superheroes as reimagined by Stan Lee.

- In the comic book Batman: Digital Justice, a young man named Robert Chang takes on the identity of Robin

- In the Elseworld comic Thrillkiller, a young man named Richart Graustark (living under the pseudonym Dick Grayson) becomes Robin with an anti-establishment bent.

- In one alternate universe, water levels have risen and a hero named Robin Redwing fights evil alongside the Batman analogue Captain Leatherwing.

ABC ComicsEdit

- In the comic book series Top 10, Robyn Slynger is a heroine cop known as Toybox.

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