Robbie Reed

Robby Reed

Real Name
Robert Reed
First Appearance
House of Mystery #156 (January, 1966)
Dave Wood, Jim Mooney
Team Affliation
Robby's power allows him to become various heroes, who will be cataloged below.
Base of Operations
Littleton, Colorado
Can become a number of different superheroes
Skills and Abilities
Problem Solving Skills
Tools and Weapons

Robby Reed is the protagonist of the comic book series Dial H For Hero, which takes place in the DC Universe, and has the power to turn into one of a number of superheroes with the power of his H-Dial.


After discovering an artifact called the H-Dial, young teen Robbie Reed discovered he could turn into one of any number of superheroes.


Robby Reed was a young teenager and raised in Littleville, Colorado by his grandfather "Gramps" Reed and Miss Millie, their housekeeper. Unusually intelligent, Robby spent a lot of time in his "lab shack" performing many experiments. One day, he was racing soap-box cars with his friends when he heard a very loud bang. It came from the Amour Chemical Company where a criminal group known as the Thunderbolt Gang were using a giant robot to attack the building. Eventually, during the confusion, Robby fell off a crumbling ledge into a previously hidden underground cavern, where he finds a mysterious artifact shaped like a phone dial.

Upon the dial the word "HERO" was inscribed, making Robby realize that this is what he should dial with the strange device.

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