Rip Hunter


Real Name
Carter (first name unknown)
First Appearance
Showcase #20 (May, 1959)
Jack Miller, Ruben Moreira
Team Affliations
The Time Masters, The Linear Men, The Forgotten Heroes
The Time Master, Richard "Rip" Hunter
Base of Operations
Skills and Abilities
Genius Level Intellect with a focus on time, Hand-to-hand combat expertise, Martial Arts Expertise from various time period
Tools and Weapons
Various Time Machines and Measurement devices

Rip Hunter, the Time Master, is a heroic time traveler in the DC Universe.


Rip Hunter was originally a brilliant scientist who invented a time sphere that allowed him to travel through time.


Golden/Silver AgeEdit

In the Silver Age, Rip Hunter's past prior to his adventures remain largely unknown.  He became a brilliant scientist and eventually created his most important invention: the Time Sphere, which would allow it's users to travel anywhere in time and space.

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