The Red Bee is the name of two superheroes in the DC universe.

Richard ReleighEdit

The Red Bee

Red Bee

Real Name
Richard Raleigh
First Appearance
Hit Comics #1 (July, 1940)
Toni Blum, Charles Nicholas
Team Affliations
All-Star Squadron
Base of Operations
Superior City, Oregon
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience, Experienced Bee Trainer
Tools and Weapons
Stinger Gun

Richard Releigh was the first Red Bee, a superhero of the Golden Age.


An assistant to the District Attorney, Richard Releigh became tired of seeing criminals get off on technicalities and decided to use his skills as an apiarist and fighting abilities to fight crime as the Red Bee.


The youth of Richard Releigh remains largely unknown.  At some point he became the assistant to the District Attorney of Superior City, Tom Darrow.  Tiring of criminals getting away with crimes due to technicalities and the slowness of the justice system, Richard decided to become a masked crime fighter.  He used his fighting prowess, as well as a much more unusual aid: a trained bee he kept in a compartment on his belt that he named Michael.  Unlike normal bees, Michael is able to produce multieple stings without dying, allowing him to frustrated the enemies of the Red Bee.

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