Power Pup

Power Pup

Real Name
Power Pup
First Appearance
Microsoft Office '98
Team Affliation
Microsoft Office Assistants
Base of Operations
Microsoft Office '98
Skills and Abilities
Assisting with Microsoft '98
Tools and Weapons

Power Pup is an office assistant from Microsoft Office 98 for Macintosh.  Other "office assistants" included Will (a cartoon Will Shakespeare), Dot (a smiling red circle), Scribble (an origami cat), Mother Nature (an anthropomorphic Earth), The Genius (an Albert Einstein cartoon) and Office Logo (a jigsaw puzzle).  When he was working, the pup would be presented with simple flying animation.


No origin is given for Power Pup.


In Office's description of the assistant, it describes him as "A dynamic dog who knows Office like the back of his paw, Power Pup will deliver the help you need," with a picture of him saying "Power on! I'm here to help you at all costs."


Beyond flying while loading help advice, Power Pup doesn't have much in the way of powers.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

His skills all revolve around being the Microsoft Office 98 assistant, giving advice to the user in their time of need.

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