The Philistine


Real Name
No information
First Appearance
The Philistine #1 (1994)
Michael Mongillo, Micheal Zittel
Team Affiliations
No information
No information
Base of Operations
No information
No information
Skills and Abilities
Marksmanship and Hand-to-Hand Combat Expertise
Specially designed, non-lethal guns

The Philistine was the hero of a One Shot Press comic book in the mid-90s intended to run for 6 issues. It was cancelled after only 3 issues. Authors Michael Mongillo and Michael Zittel were the creators.  

The Philistine was trained from his teen years for a life of violent, secret government operations. He turns his back on the lifestyle and goes independent. He uses round, rubber projectiles of his own invention. The Philistine is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and is durable to at least a peak human level.

An anthology collecting the stories, printed and not-previously-published, is available for order online.

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