Mr. Banana Brain

Mr Banana Brain

First Appearance
Darkwing Duck, "Whiffle While You Work"
Toy, Puppet

Mr. Banana Brain is Quackerjack's stuffed toy in the animated TV series Darkwing Duck.


Mr. Banana Brain was a toy created by the super-villain Quackerjack to act as his sidekick.  Quackerjack often speaks for the toy and it gives him someone to discuss his plans with.  At one point, Mr. Banana Brain was possessed by the evil spirit Paddywhack, and though Quackerjack was surprised by his newfound ability to talk and move around, he seemed unsurprised that "Mr. Banana Brain" had thoughts of his own, implying that Quackerjack truly considers Mr. Banana Brain to be alive to some degree.


In the comic books series that takes place after the animated series, the supervillain NegaDuck, frustrated with Quackerjack, destroys Mr. Banana Brain.  This causes Quackerjack to snap, taking on a much darker persona.

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