Real Name
First Appearence
Team Umizoomi, "The Kite Festival"
Soo Kim, Michael T. Smith, Jennifer Twomey
Team Affliation
Team Umizoomi
Base of Operations
Umi City
Measure with her ponytails, Flight, Super-speed, Super-Agility
Skills and Abilities
Good at measuring and recognizing patterns
Tools and Weapons
Magical Dress and Measuring Tape

Milli is a superhero in the animated TV series Team Umizoomi.  

She is voiced by Sophia Fox and later Madeliene Rose Yen.


No origin for Milli's abilities or joining Team Umizoomi have been presented.


There's not much known about Mill except she's a member of Team Umizoomi and is the one to encourage the audience members to participate in the show.


Milli's powers and abilities are related to patterns and measuring. Her ponytails also act as measuring tape, which she can use by singing the song "Milli Measure" and can control her prehensile ponytails to measure almost anything.  She also has the ability to change her dress into any pattern by singing her song "Pattern Power".

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

She is skilled in measuring and pattern recognition, though she does like receiving help from the audience.


Milli has two main magical items that she uses to help others: her dress and her measuring tape.

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