Ludovic Altimus


Real Name
Ludovic Altimus
First Appearance
Lights Out (August 13, 1951)
Original Publisher
Created by
Sam Merwin Jr., Harry Muheim

Ludovic Altimus is an alien from the planet of Aleria. He first appears in Fantastic Qaurterly Vol. 1, #1. Later in a Lights Out television episode.

Origin Edit

Investigating the disappearances of more that 200 people, one of them being his own son, New York police detective Mike Wilson encounters a stout man by the name of Ludovic Altimus. Ludovic possesses a watch with extra-terrestrial features, including the ability to teleport people to Ludovic's home planet of Aleria. According to Mr. Altimus, the kidnapped individuals like the new planet so much they decide to stay.

Detective Wilson's wife, Joyce, falls under Ludovic's spell. This leads to Ludovic offering Wilson the choice of going along or losing his wife forever. If Wilson doesn't do so, Altimus will press his watch, which he has laid upon the table, three times. This will send Joyce to Aleria without Mike. Forced to give an answer, Mike Wilson smashes the watch twice, breaking the hypnotic hold on Joyce. Ludovic Altimus lets the two go, now suggesting he cannot get back to Aleria himself. When the pair leave, he pulls a brand-new watch from his pocket and unwraps it.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Through his watch, Ludovic Altimus possesses the power of selective invisibility and hypnotism. He can teleport people to the planet Aleria or anywhere of his choosing.

Appearances Edit

  • Fantastic Quarterly Vol. 1 #1
  • Lights Out episode 51

See Also Edit

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  • The Man With the Watch episode on Youtube

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