King Tiger

King Tiger

Real Name
First Appearance
Comic's Greatest World: Vortex #3 (September 1993)
Randy Stradley
Team Affliation
Chung K‘uei (may be real name)
Base of Operations
Magic and Divine Abilities
Skills and Abilities
Archery,Stealth, Agility, Leadership, Martial Arts Expertise
Tools and Weapons
Bow, Arrow, Sword

King Tiger is a superhero from another dimension who hunts demons in the Dark Horse Universe.


A traveler from an unknown world and time, King Tiger uses his skills to hunt demons while exploring a strange new world.


Long ago, the boy who would be King Tiger was raised in a Tibetan monastery by his father, who lead a secret sect of monks. We was raised to believe that the only thing that could close a portal between his world and an infernal dimension of evil is him to be sacrificed on his twentieth birthday.  As the boy grew older, he followed the disciplines of his sect closely, including a high degree of martial arts training.

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