Johnny Stomp

Johnny Stomp

Real Name
No information
First Appearance
Foot Soldiers #1 (January, 1996)
Jim Krueger, Michael Avon Oeming
Team Affliations
The Foot Soldiers
Base of Operations
No information
No information
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons
Special Boots

Johnny Stomp is a young superhero who appears in the comic book series Foot Soldiers.


In a future where superheroes have been defeated, special shoes of a fallen hero are taken by the new superhero Johnny Stomp to fight against the forces of evil.


In a dystopian future, the world's superheroes were murdered by evil and the new government, Bio-Technic Law, took control of the world. A group of young kids, while looking around a superhero graveyard at night, discovers various artifacts belonging to the previous generation of superheroes.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Johnny has some natural fighting talent and gains fighting experience over the course of the series.


Johnny Stomp fights evil with his specially designed boots he uses to crush his enemies.

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