Iron Man

Ultimate Iron Man

Real Name
Antonio Stark
First Appearance
Ultimate Spider-Man #16 (February, 2002) (Canonical Appearance, cameo), Ultimates #1 (March, 2002) [First full canonical appearance], Ultimate Comics Ultimates #18.1 (February, 2013) [as Iron Patriot]
Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Allred, Stan Lee [original character], Jack Kirby [original character], Larry Lieber [original character], Don Heck [original character]
Team Affliations
Future Foundation, Kratos Club, Stark Industries, Ultimates, New Ultimates, JT Technologies
Tony Stark, Anthony Stark, Monopoly Man, Mr. Clean of the Fortune 500, Iron Patriot
Base of Operations
New York City
Capable of directly interfacing with computers
Skills and Abilities
Super Intelligence, Engineering and Scientific Genius, Fighting Experience
Iron Man armor

Iron Man is a superhero in the Ultimate Marvel Universe and is based of the character of Iron Man from the Marvel Universe.


After learning of brain tumor, Tony Stark decided to use his vast resources and intelligence to create a suit of armor to protect the world as Iron Man.

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