Iron Giant

Iron giant

Real Name
First Appearance
The Iron Giant 1968 novel
Ted Hughes
Team Affiliations
Base of Operations
flight, strength, armored, military weaponry
Skills and Abilities
battle skills

Origin Edit

The Iron Giant was from a children's book by Ted Hughes and a film based on that book. The Iron Giant is a robotic machine that doesn't recall its past. There was a second related book by Hughes called The Iron Woman.

Set in 1957 amid the red scare over the USSR and the accompanying Sputnik launch, The Iron Giant falls from space into the ocean. It befriends a young boy, Hogarth Hughes. Hughes tries to keep the government from discovering the giant's existence, yet ultimately fails.

Iron Giant does actions that infer he is basically a good robot that wants to protect people. In the film, he does heroic acts and makes personal sacrifices to protect Hogarth and others.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Iron Giant, when it realizes its potential, has many deadly, enigmatic weapons at its disposal. A powerful laser beam of a kind is a significant and notable one. The Iron Giant's strength is prodigious, at one point picking up a car with ease. When destroyed, its parts can travel great distances to reform The Iron Giant.

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