Superman, unaffected by a bullet

Invulnerability (AKA Invincibility) is ability to be unharmed by virtually any physical circumstance.

Nature of the PowerEdit

Invulnerability is simply the inability to be harmed, usually it is in reference to physical invulnerability.  It should be noted that there are very few characters that are truly invulnerable, with many characters who are dubbed "invulernable" are simply nearly invulnerable (the superhero the Tick makes sure the make the distinction, referring to himself as "Nigh-Invulnerable".)

This power usually means that they are unaffected by attacks that most average criminal or would try to inflict or to disasters that they would wish to defend others from.

History in Superhero FictionEdit

The first invulnerable superhero of note was Superman, who demonstrates it in his first appearance by being unharmed by many attempts to attack him.  Though Superman was considerably less powerful in his initial appearances than he would become, he is still immune to bullets, heavy objects falling on him and many other threats that would harm average humans.  Later, Kryptonite would be introduced (in the Superman radio series and later the Superman comic) that would allow Superman to be harmed.

With the rise in the popularity of superheroes, invulnerablity became a fairly common power for superheroes including such iconic characters as Captain Marvel, Thor, and Mon-El of the Legion of Superheroes.  It also became a common power for supervillains such as the Juggernaut and Bizarro.

Later would come many stories that would deal with much weaker heroes finding alternative methods to defeating invulnerable (or seemingly invulnerable) heroes.

Weaknesses and LimitationsEdit

The possessor of this power may have an achilles' heel that supercedes this ability.

Some notable vulnerablities include:

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