The Human Bomb is the name of two superheroes in the DC Universe, the most famous one originating from the Golden Age.

Roy LincolnEdit

Human Bomb

Human Bomb

Real Name
Roy Lincoln
First Appearance
Police Comics #1 (August, 1941)
Paul Gustavson
Team Affliations
The Freedom Fighters, All-Star Squadron, Black Lantern Corps
Base of Operations
Biochemical explosion generation, Prolonged lifespan
Skills and Abilities
Talented chemist, Fine hand to hand combatant

Roy Lincoln is the first superhero named the Human Bomb and was part of the Quality Universe and later the DC Universe.


Roy Lincoln was a scientist working on the mysterious chemical explosive 27-QRX.  When Nazis attempted to steal it, Roy decided to drink it rather than risk it getting into enemy hands, unintentionally gaining the power to generate explosives, which he used as the hero the Human Bomb.

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