Hero Zero

Hero Zero

Real Name
David McRae
First Appearance
Hero Zero #0 (September, 1994)
Michael Eury, Rose Rummel-Eury, Brian Apthorp
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Cinnabar Flats
Size Changing (with help from Zero Intelligence)
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons
Zero Intelligence

Hero Zero is a superhero in the Dark Horse Universe who controls a giant robot named Zero.


David McRae is a young man who, by chance, ended up with a alien machine inside his head capable of turning him into a giant machine named Hero Zero.



Zero is the name of a computer built by the entity known as Vortex in his secret base in the desert.  In 1947, Zero was abandoned when Vortex ended up trapped in a dimensional maelstrom.  Over time, it contacted three people: the drifter known as Motorhead (who possessed a strange artifact belonging to Vortex called the Motor), a superhero named Mecha (who possessed Vortex's old battle armor) and a young man named David McRae.

It is unknown the exact series of events that caused it to happen, but the computer inserted itself in David McRae's body.