Hero Boy

Hero Boy

Real Name
First Appearance
Freakazoid, "Hero Boy"
Wendell Morris/Tom Sheppard (episode creators), Bruce Timm/Paul Dini (TV series creators)
Team Affliation
Himself (when cloned)
Base of Operations
Somewhere in Japan, Washington DC (when cloned)
Skills and Abilities

Hero Boy is character on a show within a show on the animated TV series Freakazoid in the episode "Hero Boy". Hero Boy was Freakazoid's favorite tv show and hero. His powers are flight, super speed, and super strength. Even though he has those powers, he can't seem to be able to beat the monsters he is fighting. In every Hero Boy episode he exclaims "I must succeed" before being crushed and humiliated. He is a parody of the classic Japanese superhero Astro Boy.

Hero Boy is voiced by John P. McCann.


Hero Boy's origin is never revealed.


In the show, he is first seen being summoned by the army (by having two sumos call his name is high-pitched falsetto voices) to fight a giant lizard. Unfortunately, despite his tenacity, Hero Boy doesn't have super strength and his flurry of blows did nothing but irritate the monster. Hero Boy claims that he failed because he did not try hard enough, only to be told that at least he gave everyone else a good laugh.

Later in the episode, Hero Boy acts as an inspiration to Freakazoid to overcome Armondo Guitierrez's attempts to steal his brain to create a convincing Freakazoid clone. In doing so, he ends up creating 5 actual Hero Boy clones and thwarts Guitierrez's plan. However Guitierrez reminds Freakazoid that these Hero Boys are evil and sends them to fight Freakazoid. They do, but prove to be real pushovers and are soon shoed away and later arrested by the police.


Hero Boy doesn't seem to have any superpowers except the power of flight. He can he a summons from a long distance but it is unclear if this is because he has good hearing or if the voice of those summoning him are really loud.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

He seems to lack any skills or real abilities (beyond flying), but he is tenacious, fighting much more powerful enemies than himself before his inevitable failure.