Robby Reed, Christopher "Chris" King, Victoria "Vicky" Grant, many others
First Appearance
House of Mystery (Vol. 1) #156 (January, 1966)
Capable of Turning It's User Into One Of Countless Superheroes
Full Name
Hero Dial
The Wizard

The H-Dial is an artifact in the DC Universe and is most famously was owned by Robby Reed.


Silver AgeEdit

Who created the dial, how and why remains unknown.  It eventually found its way into the hands of a bright young boy named Robby Reed when he discovered it in an old cavern in Littleville, Colorado.  Robby discovered that when the letters H-E-R-O are dialed on the H-Dial (which looks like a detached telephone dial). it could turn him into any number of superheroes.  Robby goes on to protect his home town of Littleville as a number of superheroes.

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