Green Lanterns
This is a disambiguation page for the Green Lanterns, all of whom exist in the DC Universe:

The Green Lantern CorpsEdit

- The Green Lantern Corps is the group consisting of at least 7,200 members (formerly 3,600), all of whom bare the title of Green Lantern and defend different sectors of space.

- The Green Lantern is also the artifact that all characters named Green Lantern use as superheroes, in most incarnations allowing the user to create matter with their minds made of geen light

Green Lanterns of EarthEdit

.- Hal Jordan, the most famous Green Lantern, was created in the Silver Age and was the main Green Lantern for most of his existance.

- Alan Scott was the original Green Lantern, though had nothing to do with the original, until his origin was rewritten years later to tie into the more modern Lanterns.

- John Stewart is another major human Green Lantern, having taken on the role in the 70's and has been a member ever since, even playing a major role in the animated TV series Justice League/Justice League Unlimited.

- Guy Gardner is the human Green Lantern who was originally meant to be chosen before Hal Jordan took on the role.  He's known for his obnoxious and cocky behaviour, though is brave and selfless.

- Kyle Rayner is the human to take the role of Green Lantern after the Corps was destroyed by Parallax, a being who possessed Hal Jordan.

- Simon Baz is a recent human to take on the role of the Green Lantern on Earth.

- Jessica Cruz is the most recent human to become a Green Lantern.

- Jade, the daughter of the Golden Age Green Lantern who took on the name for a short period.

- Kai-Ro was a Green Lantern who appeared in the future of the DC Animated Universe, first appearing in the TV series Batman Beyond.

- Waverly Sayre was briefly a Green Lantern in the early days of America.

Green Lanterns of Other WorldsEdit

- Aa

- Abin Sur was Hal Jordan's predeccesor.

- Adam was a genetically engineered Green Lantern.

- Boodikka is a member of the Corps. 

Ch'p is a Green Lantern who looks like a chipmunk.

- Flodo Span is an entity and a long time member.

- Jack T. Chance is another Green Lantern long thought dead before being found alive.

- Katma Tui was the successor to the Green Lantern Sinestro after he became a villain.

- Kilowog is an alien Green Lantern, most famous for training new Green Lantern Corps recruits.

- Mogo is a Green Lantern that is also a living sentient planet.

- Rot Lap Fan is a blind Green Lantern with no concept of light nor colour.  He calls himself the F-Sharp Bell.

- Salaak is one of the higher ranking members of the Corps.

Sinestro was once considered the greatest Green Lantern, until his corruption was revealed and he became the Green Lantern's greatest enemy.

- Sodam Yat is the current Ion.

- Tomar-Re is an alien Green Lantern who is famous for being the first Lantern Hal Jordan met.

- Vidar was a Green Lantern who, in the far future, became the supervillain Universo.


- The Green Lantern of the Tangent Universe is a mysterious woman who can raise the dead by placing a Green Lantern on their grave, giving the wrongly murdered a chance to avenge themselves.

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