Ghost Rider


Real Name
Johnny Blaze
First Appearance
Marvel Spotlight #5 (August 1972)
Roy Thomas, Gary Friedrich, Mike Ploog
Team Affliations
The Champions
Frank Ryder, The Brimestone Biker, The Spirit of Vengeance
Nomadic (USA)
Super-Strength, Demonic Powers, Penance Stare, Imbues Demonic Powers to his Bike
Skills and Abilities
Skilled in Motorcycle Riding and Tricks
Tools and Weapons
Hellcycle, Magic Chain

Ghost Rider (Jonathan "Johnny" Blaze) is a demonic superhero in the Marvel Comics Universe. He is the second Marvel character to use the name Ghost Rider, following the Western hero later known as the Phantom Rider, and preceding Daniel Ketch.


After making a deal with the literal devil in order to save the life of his mentor, Johnny Blaze ends up being possessed by the Zarathos, a spirit of vengeance that turns him into a demon whenever he senses the spilling of innocent blood.


The Birth of the Spirit of VengeanceEdit

Long ago, the Medallion of Power was created by the cult known as "The Blood" to house the entities known as the Spirits of Vengeance. Due to the power it held, the Medallion and its Spirits were coveted by the ancient demon known as Mephisto. The Medallion was eventually broken and the shards were given to different families to protect.

What Mephisto did no suspect was that his search would also relate to his war with the demon Zarathos, who began strengthening his influence in Hell, where he found himself moving into conflict with other evil forces such as the demon Mephisto and cult known as The Blood. Deciding that he was too great a threat, Mephisto trapped Zarathos, stole his memories and placed him in various human forms over the course of human history. The two of Mephisto's plans dovetailed when, in the 18th century, when a man named Noble Kale, who's bloodline protected one Medallion shard for millenia, was transformed into a Spirit of Vengeance by his shard. Mephisto attempted to corrupt Kale, but he resisted and the spirit he turned into began to manifest in the first born of every generation of Kale. Mephisto kept close tabs on the Kale bloodline from then on, looking for an opportunity to gain more power.

Birth and Childhood of Johnny BlazeEdit

Johnny Blaze was born in Waukegan, Illinois to Naomi Kale (of the Kale Clan) and Barton Blaze. Johnny grew up with his sister Barbara, brother Danny and his parents performing as stunt riders for the Quentin Carnival, working for show owner Craig "Crash" Simpson. But one day, Naomi abandoned Johnny and Barton, fearing the consequences of her family curse, and she took Daniel and Barbra with her, leaving them in the care of a woman named Francis Ketch. Afterwards, Johnny repressed his memories of his mother and siblings.

One night he read his father crumpled up mail and saw he was dying of cancer. So he made a pact with Mephisto to save his father but nothing happened to him or his father. Years passed he became a famous daredevil but after one night he started feeling dizzy and was inside a garage and turned into the ghost rider. He turned a bike, got some chains and went to patrol and save a woman from a crook. Then demons started hunting him, he subdued the air demon and another. But then trying to find clarity he found the old ghost rider and both tracked down the last demon who was Mephisto's son. Then he went on the run because the rider he ate the souls of the crooks and he couldn't control it.

He was found by a member of a religion and asked him to protect Mephisto's son from his father and take him to a holy sanctuary in return, he would be rid of the curse of the rider. In the way to the sanctuary he was attacked by mercenaries in a construction zone and then got shoot by a bazooka, and then possessed a huge piece of machinery and killed them all. He first teamed up with the boy's mom to take him to the sanctuary. But when they go there they took of his curse and tried to kill the boy but they were murdered, and the boy kidnapped by one of Mephisto's minions. The boy was took to his father so his father could pass his mind to his son's in a ceremony. Hundreds of people came to the ceremony but Johnny, the mom and the member who told him about the boy came to rescue him. The member sacrificed himself so Johnny could go in, then he interrupted the ceremony and the boy saw him and since the ceremony was half done he only got his dad's powers. Then he jumped at Johnny, burned him with hellfire coming from his mouth  and gave Johnny the curse of the rider. But now he could control it and instead of yellow fire it was blue fire. And then catched up to Mephisto who ran way. He then tied Mephisto to his chain threw him to the air and pulled him down to hell.

In other mediaEdit

Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze was portrayed both in the 2007 film Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance by actor Nicolas Cage.


Can create hellfire and control both, normal and hell, endurance, enchanted chain, motorcycle with super speed,

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