Gambit (Ultimate)

Real Name
Remy LeBeau
First Appearance
Ultimate X-Men (Vol. 1) #13 (February, 2002)
Chuck Austen, Esad Ribic, Chris Claremont [created original Gambit], Mike Collins[created original Gambit], Jim Lee [created original Gambit]
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Charges objects with explosive kinetic energy
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Expertise, Master Thief, Master of Deception
Tools and Weapons
Staff, Playing Cards

Gambit was a superhero in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, based on the Marvel Universe character also called Gambit.


After a life of being a thief, Remy LeBeau turned his back on his past as decided to steal from the criminals who attempted to use him to kidnap the mutant known as Rogue... with her as his partner in crime.


The LonerEdit

Very little is known about the youth of the thief known as Remy LeBeau save that he is a mutant capable of making objects explosive by charging them with kinetic energy.  He first appeared helping a young girl being menaced by the gangster called Hammerhead, who had already murdered her parents.  He defeated the criminal and helped the girl find a new home but he remained a nomad.

Agent of FenrisEdit

Over time, Remy discovered he was losing control of his powers, as they were causing almost everything he touched to become explosive.  Soon he met the Fenris twins, two mutant twins who ran the organization of the same name, who promised him that they could help him with his problem. In return, Gambit became an agent for Fenris and was tasked with kidnapping the X-Man Rogue.

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