Real Name
Lucius Best
First Appearance
The Incredibles (2004)
Brad Bird
Team Affliation
None, though is a close ally to the Incredibles
Base of Operations
Ice and Snow Generation/Manipulation, Flight (Aided by Flying Disc)
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience

Frozone is a superhero who appears in the film The Incredibles. Frozone is one of many "retired" superheroes who has ice powers. He is an ally to the Incredibles and a friend to the Parrs, who he knows in both of their lives.

He is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson.


How Lucius Best gained his powers and became a superhero remains unknown.


Lucius Best's history is largely unrevealed. It seems he's been a long-time hero and long time friend to Mr. Incredible and is even aware of his secret identity. When the world's superheroes went into hiding following a passed law, Lucius did the same, seemingly leading a quiet life with his wife. However, both he and Mr. Incredible found it hard not to continue their superheroing activities, returning to them in secret without their superhero identities and attempting to simply save the day without being seen.



Frozone controls ice.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

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