The Flesh

The Flesh

Real Name
The Flesh
First Appearance
Action League Now (on All That), "I've Been Working of Derailroad"
Robert Mittenthal, Will McRobb, Albie Hecht
Team Affliation
Action League Now!
Base of Operations
Unknown (an unnamed city)
Super-Strength, Super Nudity
Skills and Abilities
Tools and Weapons

The Flesh is a superhero and a member of Action League Now, which appeared on the TV series All That and KaBlam. His character is a dimwitted, yet well-meaning innocent who has incredible super strength and as his name suggests is always naked.

Like all members of the Action League, The Flesh is a modified action figure, specifically a Conan toy that has been repainted.

The Flesh is voiced by Jim Krenn.


The Flesh is an orphan who grew to become a heroic, if someone dim-witted, crime fighter. For the longest time, he never knew his real parents, after an attempt by criminal masterminds to control Flesh by impersonating his parents ends with him meeting his true parents. Beyond that, there isn't too much known about him, save that his real name is The Murray Flesh. At some point, he joined the Action League and has been a loyal member ever since, as well as the heart of the team.


Flesh is well-meaning but foolish and naive. He's always friendly to those he meets and wants to be as helpful as possible, but it also accident prone (and often accentuates his errors with his catchphrase "Whoospies"). He is quite slow to anger and despite his super-strength, would never use it to threaten oftens, acting as a gentle giant.


The Flesh is super-strong, able to lift objects many times his own size. He is also described as "super naked", though it is unclear if his nudity can be considered a super-power.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Though he is super-strong, he is otherwise lacking in skills and is, in fact, quite clumsy.