Real Name
Ronnie Raymond, Martin Stein, Mikhail Arkadin, Jason Rusch, Jefferson "Jax" Jackson
First Appearance
Firestorm, the Nuclear Man (Vol. 1) #1 (March, 1978)
Gerry Conway, Al Milgrom
Team Affiliations
The Justice League of America
The Nuclear Man
Base of Operations
No information
Superhuman strength, endurance, speed, durability, senses and Self-Sustenance, Nucleokinesis, Nuclear Pyrokinesis, Flight, Transmogrifacation, Intangibility, Particle Manipulation
Skills and Abilities
Dependent on those abilities of the people who comprise his being

Firestorm is the name of several superheroes in the DC Universe, all of whom have similar origins and powers.


A young nerdy boy was in a field trip directed by a gym teacher that was at a nuclear plant. Batman showed up to fight a villain but in the process the plant exploded and the gym teacher and the boy did not die. Instead, they became one man and Batman taught him to control his powers. Ronnie (the man) is in complete control of the body and Ronnie (the boy) is able to speak I'm the the mind of "Firestorm".

TV ShowsEdit

He comes out in an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.


Can transform stuff into completely different stuff, has fire powers, and become normal again and become Firestorm again.

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