Secret identity: Elektra Natchios, Allies: Daredevil, Gender: female, Birthplace: Greece


She as a child her father made her study martial arts. Her father unfortunately worked for the kingpin of crime who later hired the assassin Bullseye to kill her father and Elektra but Daredevil managed to save Elektra but not her father. Then she later became an assassin but was killed but the hand red mercenary ninjas tried to resurrect her. Then Daredevil fought the hand with the white ninja Stone, then Daredevil found Elektra and tried to resurrect her but Stone said it was no use. Then Elektra woke up but good this time thanks to DD but she changed her costume into a white one.

Tv showsEdit

She has an own movie and comes out in Daredevil the movie

equipment and abilitiesEdit

She has 2 twin sais and skilled ninja

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