Egg Fu

Egg Fu

Real Name
Chang Tzu
First Appearance
Wonder Woman (Vol. 1) #157 (October, 1965)
Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru
Team Affliations
Intergang, Great Ten, Science Squad
Chang Tzu
Base of Operations
Oolong Island
Immense Size, Egg-like Body, Prehensile Mustache
Skills and Abilities
Genius Scientist
Tools and Weapons
Various invented items

Egg Fu is a super-villain (as well as the name of some related villains) in the DC Universe, originally depicted as a racist caricature and more recently reimagined as a horrific monster.


Silver AgeEdit

The origins of the silver age Egg Fu remains unknown.

Modern AgeEdit

Chang Tzu is an entity created on the planet Apokalyps to help spread evil with scientific advancements.



The history of the original Egg Fu remains unkown.

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