E. Thaddeus Rockwell
Real Name
E. Thaddeus Rockwell
First Appearance
Darkwing Duck, "Twitching Channels"
Tad Stones
Team Affliation
Base of Operations
unnamed city
Can see into other worlds with a machine
Skills and Abilities
Business Experience

E. Thaddeus Rockwell is a villain from another dimension in the animated TV series Darkwing Duck. He produces a cartoon based on the life of Darkwing Duck, claiming it as fictional when in fact he got the stories completely from Darkwing's own dimension.  Darkwing first encountered him when he was accidentally transported to the human world while fighting with the super-villain Megavolt.


Rockwell first appears in the episode "Twitching Channels".  The early life of E. Thaddeus Rockwell is largely unknown save that earlier in his life he was a struggling writer who acquired a machine that was supposedly able to increase his creativity, but instead gave him visions of another world: that of the super-hero Darkwing Duck.  Using this knowledge, he created a TV show based on these visions, which made him a significant amount of wealth, which he used to build a financial empire.  When Darkwing Duck and Megavolt are accidentally transported into his world, Darkwing confronts him in the hopes of getting financial compensation for his likeness and in the hopes of finding a way home.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

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