Dollar Bill


Real Name
Bill Brady
First Appearance
Watchmen #1 (September, 1986) [Mentioned in Under the Hood back-up prose piece]
Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons
Team Affliation
The Minutemen
Base of Operations
New York City
Skills and Abilities
Unknown, presumably hand-to-hand combat expertise
Tools and Weapons

Dollar Bill (Bill Brady) is a minor superhero who appears in the extra material in the book comic book Watchmen and stars in the one-shot Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill.


Bill Brady was a successful athlete from Kansas who was hired by the National Bank company to become their own superhero Dollar Bill.


Not much has ben mentioned of Bill Brady's youth save that he was born in 1917.  A college star athlete from Kansas, Bill Brady was hired by the National Bank Company in New York City to become the company's own official superhero.  The Dollar Bill concept was created by the National Bank Company's marketing team to utilize the surging popularity in superheroes and felt that if they had their own hero to "protect their customers' money", they could attract a lot of good PR.  The costume was designed by the company with bright, flamboyant colors with a large dollar logo and a long cape to appeal to kids.  Bill began both fighting crime (often in the banks of the National Bank Company) and advertising the bank with advertisements and merchandise. Overtime, he eventually joined the super-hero team the Minutemen and helped them fight crime as a team.

His life came to a tragic end in 1947 when, while trying to stop a bank robbery, his cape was caught in the revolving door at the bank, giving the criminals time to shoot and kill him.


Though Dollar Bill largely appears off-panel, much is known about how he related to other people and for the most part had a good reputation.  It is commented, though, that he had prejudices against homosexuals.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Dollar Bill had a very strong build, good agility and endurance and stamina thanks to his athletics training in college.

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