Doctor Thirteen


Real Name
Dr. Terrance/Terrence "Terry" Thirteen
First Appearance
Star Spangled Comics #122, (November 1951)
Leonard Starr, other unkown
Team Affliation
None, though he is notable in the magic and mysticism community
Base of Operations
None, though his natural skepticism make him less effected by magic
Skills and Abilities
Professional Debunker
Tools and Weapons
Various tools to debunk the supernatural

Doctor Thirteen (Doctor Terrence Thirteen) is a spiritual debunker in the DC super-hero universe and a common ally to various super-heroes.


For most of his life, Terrence's father was hiding something important from him in a locked room.  Years later, Terrence discovered the room and the family legacy hidden within.  When he finally entered the room, he learned it contained his family's history, and showed that many of his ancestors were ostracized or even killed, accused of witchcraft (in ancient Rome, Daniel Thirteey was killed for trying to diagram the solar system while Rebecca Thirteen was killed in puritan Salem, Mass. for creating anathesia, which was viewed as witchcraft).  Afterwards, Terrance and his father vow to debunk the supernatural by making an agreement about what Terry's father would say to Terry on the anniversary of his death.

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