The Crow is the identity of several supernatural vigilantes brought back from the dead to avange their own deaths, as well as their loved ones.  The most famous character to be the Crow is Eric Draven, due to being the first character presented in the series and being portrayed on film by Brandon Lee.  Though the character is known as the Crow by fans, the characters who take the lead in each Crow series are not referred to by that name, as the titular Crow is the bird that brings the protagonists back to life.



Eric was the first protagonist of the Crow comic book series.  His last name is unrevealed, though it is Draven in the film adaptation.


After he and his fiancee are murdered by criminals, Eric returned a year later as an undead and seemingly unkillable vigilante.


Return and RevengeEdit

Most of Eric's past is left largely in the dark.  At one point he met and fell in love with a woman named Shelley and the two planned to get married.  Shortly thereafter, the two of them were assaulted by a gang of criminals, who rape and murder Shelley, forcing Eric to watch before murdering Eric himself.

Sometime later, a crow, acting as a psychopomp that can travel between the world of the living and the dead, brought back Eric's restless soul, allowing him to seek revenge on those who wronged him.  The crow that brought him over stayed with him for that time, both guiding him and encouraging him to seek his vengeance so her can find rest.  Eventually, Eric succeeds him murdering his enemies, seemingly allowing his soul to finally rest.


Eric returned to the land of the living once again with a new mission: to help the superheroine known as Razor.  Together, he and Razor are able to work together to defeat a gang of demons known as Pain.  Afterwards, Eric realizes that the reason he returned and is unable to find eternal rest is his guilt about being unable to save Shelley.

Eric's Alternative StoryEdit

In an alternative timeline, things unfold similarly to his initial adventure.  Like before, Eric returns after he and Shelley are murdered, this time by drug lords who mistakenly killed them rather than their actual intended victims.

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