Real Name
William Glenmorgan
First Appearance
More Fun Comics #56 (June, 1940)
Whitney Ellsworth, George Papp
Team Affliations
Forgotten Heroes, Justice League
Congo Bill
Base of Operations
The Congo
Body of the Golden Gorilla, healing factor, ability to grow larger
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience

Congorilla is a superhero in the DC Universe who was an explorer who's mind was place in a gorilla's body.


A gamekeeper in the Congo, William Glenmorgan had made friends with a local witchdoctor.  The witchdoctor, on his deathbed, gave "Congo Bill" a magic ring that he claimed could put his mind in the body of a golden gorilla.  Though skeptical at first, Bill learned in a time of crisis that it was true and began to fight evil as the Congorilla.


Very little is known about William Glenmorgan, the safari hunter known as "Congo" Bill, save that he was born in Britain.  He became an explorer and an adventurer, making his home somewhere in Africa (where exactly is unknown)/

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