Charlton Universe


Charlton Comics (formerly), DC Comics (Currently)
Notable Characters
Captain Atom, The Question, Peacemaker, The Blue Beetle, Nightshade
First Appearance
Yellowjacket Comics #1 (September, 1944) [a shared universe for these characters would not established until much later]

The Charlton Universe is a continuity from Charlton Comics that existed until the characters where sold to DC Comics in 1983 and whose characters were incorporated into the DC Universe after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, with a few exceptions like E-Man.


Charlton ComicsEdit

The Charlton Universe was much like our own until the appearance of the superhero Yellowjacket, among others.  Eventually more superheroes, such as Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, the Question and the Creeper, would meet and interact in the 1960's and into the early 80's.

DC Multiverse (Earth-4/Earth 4)Edit

Later, this universe would be established as part of the DC Multiverse, one of many alternate dimensions (which appeared in the comics published by DC Comics).  It is also refered to as Earth-4 and recently was involved in a threat to the multiverse.  Though occassionally depicted, much of its history remained unknown and likely went through different incarnations due to events that altered timelines across the Multiverse.