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Captain Commando


Real Name
First Appearance
Captain Commando (1991)
(Capcom Team) Akiman, Ohno, Gyo, Kurisan, Ouji, Eripyon, Mattian, Q, Mayo, Ykaru M
Team Affliation
Commando Team
Base of Operations
Superhuman Strength, Energy Projection
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons
Captain Goggles, the Captain Protector, the Captain Gauntlet, Captain Boots

Captain Commando is a superhero protagonist from the sidescrolling video game Captain Commando.


No origin has been provided for Captain Commando.


The history of Captain Commando, including where he gained his powers and skills and even his true name, remain unknown.  It is known that he is the leader of the Commando Team, a group of superheroes who battle evil villains.  In the game Captain Commando, he and his Commando Team are fighting to protect Metro City from the evil villain Scumocide and his army.

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