Captains America
Captain America is the name for several people in superhero fiction, all owned by Marvel comics.

Marvel UniverseEdit

- Steve Rogers is the first and most famous character to be known as Captain America.

- Recently, an alternate universe version of Steve Rogers threatened the world after changing his name to Hydra Supreme.

- Recently, Sam Wilson has also taken on the mantle of Captain America.

- James "Bucky" Buchanan Barnes took on the identity of Captain America following the seeming assassination of Steve Rogers.

- John Walker became Captain America when Steve Rogers left that identity.  Walker would later go on to become the U.S.Agent.

- In the 1950's, William Burnside went by the name Captain America and was eventually turned into a villain by evil forces.

- The superhero Patriot (also known as Jeffrey Mace) went by the name Captain America for a while.

- Roscoe Simmons, Bob Russo and "Scar" Turpin were three men who attempted to take Captain America's place after he gave up that identity to become the Nomad.  Bob and "Scar" attempted to act as Cap, only to be humiliated and injured due to their own limitations.  Roscoe was successful, though was soon murdered by the Red Skull.

- William Nasland, known as the superhero The Spirit of '76 took on the name Captain America for a time.

- In the 18th Century, an ancestor of Steve Rogers (named Steven Rogers) also went by the identity of Captain America in a story that is arguably not in continuity.

Marvel MultiverseEdit

- Steve Rogers was the Captain America of the Ultimate Marvel Universe.

- Roberta Mendez is the Captain America of the year 2099.

- Colonel America is an alternate reality version of Captain America who had become a flesh-eating zombie.

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